Pete Peeti



Pete’s return to the screen has been met with excitement and support from all the hunters we filmed with during series 14. Petes expert hunting skills has served us well as there were many times where Pete saved the day with his incredible accuracy with a rifle, but even more importantly, his understanding of animal behaviour. On numerous occasions Pete was able to predict where we would find our target species which allowed the camera to be rolling ahead of time as well as our hunters to be successful.

Pete is a genuine guy who has a lot of respect from hunters all over the country and he has made the transition from Howie all the more seemless. 


Hikoi Productions

Managing Director of Hikoi NZ Ltd, Piripi Curtis joined his brother Richard, a seasoned cameraman with over 20 years experience to form the company. The brothers share an interest in hunting, so through Richard's television contacts, the two went on the pitch a hunting show to Maori Television an indigenous television network in New Zealand and well the rest is history. Eleven years on Hunting Aotearoa continues to be one of the highest rating shows on Maori Television, enjoying a wide viewership throughout New Zealand. Hikoi operates from the geothermal tourist city of Rotorua.
"Na to rourou, na taku rourou, Ka ora ai te iwi" - With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive" Whakatauki (Maori proverb)

Production Personnel

Piripi Curtis - Managing Director
Jo Curtis - Production Manager

Pete Peeti - Assistant Producer
Pete Peeti - Presenter
Rawiri Waru - Narrator
Richard Curtis - Cameraman

Rodger Cunningham - Music / Audio Post

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